The arts play an essential role in a child’s academic, social and personal development.


Research has shown that students who participate in the arts improve their academic performance, attend school more regularly, graduate in greater numbers and are more likely to attend college. The results are even more pronounced in lower-income neighborhoods. The initiative recognizes the arts are education.

social development

The arts inspire full, meaningful and engaged lives. Children become better communicators, work in teams more effectively, and are more able to connect the dots from subject to subject. These social and personal skills last a lifetime.


A modern economy demands a modern education. Our economy relies on innovation and new ways of seeing and solving problems. This campaign to expand arts education to all CPS schoolchildren will have an extremely positive benefit to the future economic and social health of our city.

The arts are becoming part of every CPS school curriculum.

This is not a pilot project or one-time program. This is about bringing the arts to every student through an approach that builds in complexity from kindergarten through high school, just like math, history or science.

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