Every student. Every grade. Every school.

Our plan is ambitious. It is bold. Yet we are strategic, with a focused approach guided by these tenets.


The arts inspire full, meaningful and engaged lives

The arts open doors to new ways of thinking and learning, of imagining creative solutions across fields of study. They improve academic performance, encourage students to stay in school, and create future generations of innovators and cultural consumers.


Quality arts education for all

This principle has been diminished by disproportionate removal of arts from urban school systems serving low-income students of color—a population more likely to show academic gains when given the opportunity.


A once-in-a-generation opportunity

This movement is one of convergence—of parents, neighborhoods, CPS, the Mayor and Board of Education. The citywide cultural plan made increased arts education its #1 priority. The arts have been designated a core subject. More than 500 arts partners have committed to serve individual schools, and organized fundraising is under way.


Incentives, measurement and direct funding to schools

All CPS schools are given incentives to participate, and principals are held accountable for how arts funds are spent. Money from the Creative Schools Fund goes directly to schools. Spending and program results are measured and tracked by Ingenuity, co-architect of the CPS Arts Education Plan and the Creative Schools Initiative.


A strong cadre of leaders and advocates

The pieces are in place for the nation’s most ambitious arts and public education initiative. The campaign seeks leaders to demonstrate the power and credibility of this movement through giving, advocacy and passion.



One-time private investment = transition to sustained public funding

We believe the success of this private investment of $38 million, coupled with anticipated action by the State of Illinois to address its budget crisis, will forge a transition to permanent, sustainable public arts education funding.