Let’s seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform arts education in CPS schools.

This is a distinct moment in time. Arts education advocates across the country face the same obstacles: political will, time in the school day, and money. In Chicago we have overcome two of those three challenges, and through this campaign we’re making important headway on the third.

This time is different, because we have ...

the directive

In 2012, the City of Chicago unveiled a citywide Cultural Plan—the first in 25 years—that made expanded arts education its number one recommendation, reflecting what was heard from the community at town halls.

a plan

The Cultural Plan sparked the first-ever CPS Arts Education Plan, the strategy driving the expansion of arts learning which was officially established starting with the 2012–2013 school year.

more hours

The extended school day provided time to add arts education to the curriculum, including two hours of required weekly instruction.

public leadership

Mayor Emanuel is a strong advocate of the arts and its role in the life of our city, and supports arts education. The same is true for our friends on the Chicago Public Schools’ Board of Education. The Board has enacted policies to put the CPS Arts Education Plan into action.

cultural leadership

More than 500 arts partners are ready to jump in and work with individual schools as liaisons. Many prominent Chicago arts supporters, artists and advocates have also joined our cause to lead this important campaign.  See Leadership.

the numbers

Ingenuity’s recent report on the State of the Arts in Chicago Public Schools gave us extensive data about arts education at city schools and a baseline from which to measure and track progress over the next several years.